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Hidden behind a curtain of deadly asteroids and monitored by forces unknown slowly swirls a group of planets known as the Sol System. One main inhabited planet slowly dieing from over population and extreme lack of resources.

In a desperate attemp at survival the planet known as Earth branched out and colonized other planets in it’s system.

The Moon, Mars, Titan, Saturn and Jupitor all colonized and industrialized in an act to not only save Earth but the entire system itself.

Surrounded by a veil like curtain of deadly asteroids, this system was all on its own until one day the curtain was parted and the rest of the stage revealed. Aware now that other races exist and the whole Galaxy is on our doorstep the player move out into the stage only to find they were never meant to be in the play at all.

Now forces from beyond direct their resources to help or hinder these new players and watch eagerly as the story unfolds.

We were never meant to stride the boards of the Galaxy, unwanted players in a play we no nothing about.

Home Page

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